Custom Logo Hardcover school Notebook. paper notebook Printing

Custom Logo Hardcover school Notebook. paper notebook Printing

Custom Logo Hardcover school Notebook. paper notebook Printing

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 Custom Logo Hardcover school Notebook. paper notebook Printing 

make your own hardcover book

Hardcover Book Printing  is an exquisite production method for hardcover book printing. Hardcover book printing refers mainly to the book cover and the back of the book block, and various shapes on the book corner. Various processing methods and forms, such as book block processing, have round backs (ridges or ridges), square backs, square corners and rounded corners, etc.; cover processing is divided into whole surface, joint surface, square corners, foil stamping and pressing Hot patterns, etc.

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Quick Details:


Product Material: Paper & Paperboard Inner pages: 80 sheets
Product Type: Daily Binding: Sewing Binding
Book Cover: Hard Cover Artwork format: AI,PDF,CDR...
Surface Finish: Film lamination Supply Ability: 20000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Size: A4 Shape: customized shape
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Delivery time: 7-10 days
Thickness: 12mm Cover: Leather
Size: custom size MOQ: 500pcs
Color: all color Packaging: 144 sets / carton


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Art book is in the PVC bag covered carton


Lead Time :

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 500 501 - 10000 >10000
Est. Time(days) 8 10  negotiated

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Sample book details
Trim size 210*297mm (portrait)
Cover 4P
Text 30P + 400P
End 8P
    Material Printing Finishing
Material Printing Finishing Case 157gsm C2S Artpaper Mounted on 3mm greyboard 4c/0c Matte lamination
Ends 200gsm woodfree paper 0c/0c /
Text 128gsm C2S Artpaper+80gsm woodfree paper 2c/2c /
Binding Hardcover binding with H&T bands and no ribbon,Square back
water-proof bags,2-ply cartons,pallets


Printing process editing:

A process for making hardcover books with a single machine and by hand. The process is divided into three lines, namely book block, book cover and nesting.


Book block processing flow: start of semi-finished product printing→page collision→opening→adhesive, nesting→adhesive ring liner→page matching→locking line→semi-finished product inspection→flattening→stacking flattening→cutting book→bundle book→coating adhesive~ →Dry book→Cut book→Applying adhesive → rounding → ridges → applying adhesive → damp → adhesive bookmark ribbon → adhesive plug cloth → adhesive application → adhesive book backing → adhesive book backing → adhesive application → adhesive tube paper.


Book cover processing flow: Calculate the size of each material of the book cover → open the material → apply adhesive → set the shell → the plug angle of the cover → flatten → natural drying → hot stamping.


Sleeve processing flow: apply mid-seam adhesive→sleeve→press groove→sweep lining→flattening and setting→natural drying→finished product inspection→packing protection→packing labeling.

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Printing quality inspection:

① Separate editions, especially foreign-funded factories print the same multiple edition books, no mixed editions, and keep the intention text and logos.

② There is no misprint on the front and back sides, and the front and back sides are aligned, the overprint is accurate, and the error is ≤0.2mm.

③The printing hue is completely in accordance with the color draft provided by the customer. Using the R410 hue density meter made in Germany, the main picture color difference is within ±3%.

④Pictures, pictures and colors are printed on both sides.

⑤The characters and patterns are clear and the luster has a strong sense of hierarchy.

⑥ The dots are full, the 5% fine mesh is not lost, the big dots are smooth and clean, and the increase value of the dots is ≤10%.

⑦No ink bar, water bar, ink skin, word collapse, paste version, etc.

⑧ No smudging, focus, ghosting, offset, flying water, scraping, flying ink, deinking, etc.

⑨ No extra corner film marks, clean layout without stains, powder marks, etc.

make your own hardcover book

Our markets around the world:

make your own hardcover book

Shipping way:By air,by express,etc.

Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Moneygram,etc.

hard bound books


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